Martin......One of the best television shows ever.

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This is a semi-dedication to the show sense I really need to take my ass to my room and study for this damn Psych test tommorow smdh. But I basically want to show my love and thankfulness(if that is even a word) to hands the best show I've seen in my GOTDAMN life lol. This show is love by everyone I've never in my life have seen someone that didn't enjoy this show no matter the race. And I'm glad I was raised in the best decade ever to witness this show first hand from beginning to end. I damn near cried on the last episode when he cut out the lights to the apartment and wrote "Martin wuz here" on the wall. It was just a lot of stuff on the show I could relate to for some reason from Ol' Otis to Dragon Fly Jones they were all classic characters. The show had some many damn quotables I ain't even gonna waist my damn time. And the Chillagins Island episode when Martin gave that Rat/Puppy thing a 25 piece combo was crazy as hell.
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And I'm gonna go ahead and end this appreciation short I got shit to do lol. Like I said earlier I happy I was able to witness the shoe and there will never ever be a shoe like this ever again. Niggas are too greedy and everyone want to be a star. And as far as I'm considered Martin is funnier than Fresh Prince and The Cosby Show combined.....Quote me on it.

Martin- Was that nigga and still is. Who in didn't want to be cool like Martin and the Fresh Prince back in the day. I had the best sneakers and clothes and was that dude. And he had a down chick on his side it don't get no better than that.

Gina- I liked her a lot she was corny but thats what made her character better. And she was done for her dude my any means whether it was being knocked into a wall or living out in the damn streets it was whatever for her. Who doesn't want a girl like that.

Cole- He was dumb as hell but you can't complain about him enough said.

Tommy- For some reason I think Tommy was flipping bricks forreal no contruction. This dude stayed fresh as hell and was always in Martin's crib and would leave at random times to go to work. I swear this nigga went to work late at night one time lol. Either that or this nigga was an FBI agent. I don't....I don't know. And Tommy was some what of a punk but I'm not gonna event.

Pam- She had one of the biggest asses I've seen on t.v. at that time. If it wasn't for her character the show wouldn't have been half as good. Her and Martin going back and forth was classic. I wonder if her breath was really that damn stanklol. And them punchlines where crazy as hell.......
Pam Cassel
Weavie Wonder
Pamda Bear
Nick Pam Exel
Adomible SnowPam
Phone, Phony, Phoni
The list goes on

Here is SOME classic moments. If I was to post them we would be here for a while.


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