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I'm going to keep this short for a few reasons. First, I'm watching the draft and getting ready for the Sixers game. Second, the interest in tonight's PPV seems to be at an all-time low. After the great WrestleMania thread just three weeks ago, the WWE has gone right back into the crapper with one of the weaker PPV cards in a long time. However, I think tonight's show could be a very interesting PPV, as I am expecting numerous title changes. Also, tonight's card will be the last night of the "old" rosters. The draft rotsters (that were set 13 days ago) will go into effect tomorrow night. So why didn't they just wait and have the draft tomorrow? Most people have probably forgotten 90% of the draft moves already. Anyway......... let's get right into it.

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CM Punk vs Kane

I really have no idea why this match is even taking place. I guess they are playing up that Kane is angry that CM Punk won the Money in the Bank. Meh, that does nothing for me to draw interest for the match. I think this will be the first match of the night to give Punk time to recover for potentially more to come later on in the show. Punk should get the win as both of these men make the trip to Smackdown next week. I don't see a lot of chemistry between the two, hopefully it is kept relatively short or it could die with the fans.

Prediction: CM Punk

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Santina on the Khali Kiss Cam

I can't believe they are wasting PPV time with this crap. Thankfully Santino's comedy will save it somewhat, but they need to drop Santina, and they need to release Khali. I suspect the official breakup of Santino and Beth may take place tonight.

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Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat

Following the Raw after WrestleMania, announcers were instructed to no longer even mention Steamboat's name because he would no longer be an active talent on WWE TV. However, when the WWE finally realized that Jericho didn't have a match tonight and there weren't enough matches for tonight's card, Steamboat was brought back. Yes, the two did have some chemistry at WrestleMania. They made the match entertaining, but I think it should have been left at that. Having Steamboat have to showcase his current skills in a singles match may not be the best idea. We could have had a great memory of the moment at WrestleMania. Now it will be washed away by this match. Unless they are bringing Steamboat back as an everyday talent, Jericho better get the win here. Again, it should be kept relatively short (under 10 minutes).

Prediction: Chris Jericho

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Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy - I Quit Match

This feud just never took off the way it should have after a hot start at The Royal Rumble when Matt cost Jeff the WWE Title. However, the writing and story for this program has been poor, and the fans have just never taken to it. As a result, Matt has been moved to Raw starting tomorrow, so this will be their final match. Their match at WrestleMania was good, not great. I am excited to see the match tonight because I think they do have the opportunity to have a good match. Strictly based on storylines, Jeff should finally get his revenge tonight and make Matt quit. However, with Jeff's contract status being in question, he may remain in the dog house and Matt will pick up another victory tonight. Knowing how the WWE operates, I think it will be the latter.

Prediction: Jeff Hardy

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Jack Swagger (c) vs Christian - ECW Championship Match

This feels like Swagger's first PPV in ages. I forget what show it was (maybe No Way Out), but Swagger had a less than par match against Finlay which put him deep into the WWE dog house. Of course you know Vince's mentality. If you aren't a polished superstar that fans pop for immediately out of the box, you are worthless and will become a jobber. I really hope the WWE hasn't given up on Swagger yet, because he has a lot of potential. These two have had some matches on ECW which have been good, but this will be the first real test. I think the right move is to keep the title on Swagger for now. It adds legitimacy to Swagger, and makes for a bigger deal when Christian eventually wins the title. However, we know in the WWE, it's always now, now, now, so that may not be the case. As long as the fans give it a chance, this should be good.

Prediction: Jack Swagger - Retains ECW Title

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HHH (c), Batista, Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr. - WWE Championship Match

If Legacy wins this match, Randy Orton becomes the WWE Champion. I hate having the WWE Title on the line in a silly stipulation match like this. The title is supposed to stand for who is the best in the business. If Randy Orton wins the title tonight, it doesn't mean he is better than HHH. It just means that his team was able to beat HHH's team. Of course, that works out perfectly here. HHH got his big win at WrestleMania (in his mind anyway) over Randy Orton. Now, he can drop the title because it makes for more entertaining television for Randy Orton to have the title and the faces chasing him, especially because Orton is the only top heel on Raw. After him, it's Matt Hardy and The Big Show, neither who are legitimate contenders. Chasing Orton for the title will be HHH, Batista, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and maybe even MVP.

The other big thing going into this match is the possibility of a turn on HHH's team. Leading to this match, there has been major dissention among all of the team members, with each of them "inadvertently" costing each other matches by physically attacking one other. I would say specifically, you get the feeling that Shane may be the snake here. It would make perfect sense for him to turn on HHH and join Legacy considering his family tree. It would add instant credibility to Legacy, and hopefully it would keep Shane more as a mouthpiece instead of a ring talent. However, as I said above, Raw is desperately short on heels. A Batista turn is LONG overdue, so we may possibly see him cost HHH the match. I don't know if he would join Legacy, but he would instantly become one of the top heels on Raw (until he rips another muscle anyway). But I'm sticking with Shane as being the mole here and eventually costing HHH the title tonight.

I wonder if HHH will ever realize that the fans just aren't that into him. John Cena and Randy Orton are the real stars of Raw. Not HHH.

Prediction: Legacy - Randy Orton - New WWE Champion

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John Cena (c) vs Edge - Last Man Standing World Championship Match

They didn't want to have these two face each other at WrestleMania because we have seen the match so many times, so instead we are getting it at Backlash. It should be good, as these two have great chemistry together, but we've just seen it so many times over a short period of time that it makes it hard to get excited for this match. Smackdown needs a title belt, so it makes sense that Edge gets the victory here. Maybe with a Conchairto. It will be interested to see if there is any blood on tonight's show (either this match of the I Quit match). It adds so much drama to a match like this, but the WWE seems to have removed blood as it is not family friendly. Anyway, Edge gets the win, and Cena then goes back to Raw (well I guess he's already on Raw ... oh, gotta love the "separate" rosters), and chase after the new WWE Champ, Randy Orton. With a stipulation like this, you have to assume that Vickie and Chavo probably get involved.

Prediction: Edge - New World Champion

I'm predicting that Edge wins the title in a good match. However, at that point, after being physically drained, CM Punk will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and defeat Edge to become the new World Champion. I think it makes sense because it immediately sets up feuds with Edge and Chris Jericho, and we can hope that down the line feuds with Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, and Umaga.

Prediction: CM Punk - New World Champion

So on paper, it doesn't seem like a great wrestling show, but if things play out how I think, it will certainly be a memorable night. A major heel turn, cashing in the Money in the Bank, and three title changes should make for an entertaining show. We shall see.



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