It already started but oh well.

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This PPV has the makings to be so damn bad. I usually give long and detailed storyline break down and predictions, but for why? I'll keep shit simple.

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WWE Women's Championship Match
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Mickie James

I honestly don't give a shit about this match. After the corny ass/disturbing Piggy James promos they were pulling I can't wait for this shit to be over so they can show more crappy promos with Hornswagle. With that said..... On to the next.

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ECW Championship Match
Christian (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson

This match is a toss up really. I can see Ezkfhksjfkjsds becoming champ and I can see Christian winning also. Due to the ECW belt being BS too begin with. Also I really don't see the WWE throwing the strap on Ezkhsdk this early. Let me shut the hell up after they put the belt on Sheamus after like a damn month. Oh yea Ezjdsdj ain't HHH's homie because Triple God don't like niggers SMH. ALL HHH EVERYTHING!!!! But lets just hope Christian drops that God awful belt to better his career. And go WM and win money in the bank. Oh yeah Ezekiel the fuck is up with your accent SMH. Nigga sound like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince in the throat.

Prediction: Ezekiel Jackson (New ECW Champion)

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World Heavyweight Championship Match
Undertaker (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Umm I can't give a straight prediction on this due to them not showing Smackdown in my city anymore. I won't go in Taker anymore you guys know how I feel about that fool. He's an old coon and needs to retire. But even without seeing Smackdown in several months I know that Taker will mostly likely win this due to the WWE stilling owing this old fool a long title reign from like a year ago. But SMH just throw the shit on Rey till the next Pay Per View and he can probably drop it there. I also don't see Taker goin to be able to see Taker being able to perform a Elimination Chamber as champ and then perform in a Wrestlemania Main Event a couple weeks later. But that might be irrelevent. So fuck it. On to the next one.

Prediction: Rey Mysterio (New WWE Heavyweight Champion)

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WWE Championship Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

This match will some bullshit. Randy Orton just got signed to major deal yesterday aka take the fall to the new guy pay. So why waste my time on this. Side note however win this match ultimately will lose. Because at Wrestlemania so how some way you will be buried my the might shovel of Triple God. ALL HHH EVERYTHING!!! So R.I.P. to whomever wins the this match.

Prediction: Sheamus (Retains WWE Championship) (To be later murder by Triple God) (ALL HHH EVERYTHING)

Official entrants for the Royal Rumble....

Big Show
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Triple H

Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Matt Hardy
The Great Khali

Shelton Benjamin
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Umm fuck this bullshit. We know damn well HHH bitch ass will win. I see him and Shawn being the last two dude in the ring to build up a DX break up which isn't a big surprise. As for surprise entrances. Of course Hacksaw Jim Dungans dumbass. As for big name surprise only person I see signing to the WWE in the last couple of days might be Booker T that's really about it or Edge. Or that Orlando Srewjob bullshit on TNA was real and Angle is coming to the WWE but I doubt it. Shitty ass PPV. And I don't see a big difference next month with that stupid ass gimmick PPV. SMH at the WWE. SMH at me not being able to stop watching it no matter how as it is. Whoa is me!


The Real Just said... / January 31, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

Hacksaw Jim Dungans!!!!???!!!! I guess that fools been in the game for a minute. I remember him from my WWF fanhood days back in the day. Was he the fool who carried around the 2x4?

Agthekid said... / February 2, 2010 at 12:53 AM  

Yep thats him.

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