ON THE RISE: Free Gibbs X WIMH (Interview & Freestyle)

Shoutouts to the homie Justin at WIMH for sending over the Gibbs interview. It was very dope if I may say so myself.

As we continue our On The Rise series featuring artists that are on the brink of making an impact in music this year we move to the midwest to feature Gary, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs aka Gangster Gibbs. Known for his hardcore, gangster rap lyrics, Gibbs seems to be the second coming of gangster rap that we saw in the late 80’s and early 90’s that was lead by NWA. As a one man force by himself, Gibbs has been able to capture the ears of many throughout the country last year as he released The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs and Midwestgangstaboxframcadillacmuzik mixtapes. In addition, he has also dropped some pretty dope collaborations with another On The Rise artist: Pill and most recently with Mikkey Halsted. Now, a 2010 XXL Freshman, Gibbs has nothing but space and opportunity to take over the gangster rap genre and separate himself from many of his peers

Unlike usual the On The Rise posts where we give you more background about the artist, this post will be a bit different as you will able to “hear from horse’s mouth” as we got Gibbs to sit down and answer some questions for us in a recorded interview. Check out this exclusive interview as Freddie talks about his beginnings, influences, who he is looking forward to working with, his time as an Interscope artist, gangster rap, what he has planned for 2010, and more…If there is one this that you will appreciate about Gibbs is…he’s keeps it all the way real…


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