Winner of the Contest gets a Guaranteed slot on the next Secret Society mixtape.


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Aight we're about to get started on the highly anticipated follow up to the Secret Society Vol. 1 tape. If you aren't familiar with the first Secret Society project. You can check the Thread or download it Here.

First tape was pretty successful. Was on damn near ever major music blog. So we thought why not follow it up with something bigger and better. Before we do the initial "Music submissions" for the tape we thought why not do a sometime of Contest to make things a little. If you familiar with the first tape it featured a track called Imagination featuring Hi-Jynx and Mr. Jefferson, Produced by Keen-¥. At the end of the track it had an open verse for another rapper that was suppose to be on the track also. But due to timing issues the rapper wasn't able to record their verse on time. So we thought why not let NT rappers go in that open slot.

We are going to still do Submissions like we did before. Starting June 20th. We are looking for a Labor Day release for Secret Society Vol. 2

Alright yall have fun with this please. And you have any questions just hit my PMs or I'll just answer it in the thread if I missed any key information.


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