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Hmm a pretty stacked card for the WWE, haven't seen this in a while. Maybe since Wrestlemania. I'm gonna try my hardest to come up with some predictions for this but this card isn't that predictable. Due to weak storyline build ups and strong story line build ups for others. But let me take a crack at it. And lets hope this is the last Over The Limit because these gimmick pay per views are getting on my damn nerves.

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Drew McIntyre (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Kofi Kingston

This would have to be a match with a weak and last minute build up. If you missed Smackdown the other week. Kofi Kingston faced Christian for the Intercontinental Championship title. After Drew McIntyre had to vacate the title after being suspended by Teddy Long. Well Kofi won the match and won the title. But this fool Drew comes out with a letter from Vince saying Kofi has to give the title back to Drew. Well thats pretty much the build up. I guess Kofi wants to get revenge back and this match was made. The fued doesn't even seem legit enough to be on a PPV. I don't have any idea who is going to win the match. Due to reports that no one backstage even likes Drew except for Vince and he's pretty lazy. And Kofi is suppose to be taking a heel turn. So this might be his chance to take his heel turn. But eh I'm lost as shit on this match. I'll just go with this.....

Prediction: Drew McIntyre- Retains IC Championship

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Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match)

LOL this fued was pretty good. But these dudes have wrestled 3 straight PPVs and its getting old. I'm just happy this wasn't a Mask vs. Hair Match. The bad part about this match is most likely Punk will lose his hair. I don't see Mysterio joining S.E.S. at all. But I could be wrong and hopefully I'm wrong. Punk cutting his hair would be just plain stupid and a very bad move. His hair really helps his gimmick. I guess also tonight the mystrery hooded man that has been beating Mysterio's ass for the past month will be revealed. I respect WWE for this feud. The built it right and is ending it on a right note. Instead of trying to build and end fueds in 3 weeks. Hats off to them.

Prediction: CM Punk

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Eve (Divas Champion) vs. Maryse

Who cares. Didn't even know this ho Eve had the belt.

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Randy Orton vs. Edge

Last year I would have said this match would have been a must see. Not saying it won't be good. But my dude Edge has been very week since his return. Pretty decent fued but I see it really ending here. Most likely both dudes will be involved in the Fatal Four Way PPV next month. But tonight the age of Orton will live on

Prediction: Randy Otron

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The Hart Dynasty (Unified Tag Team Champions) vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

Wow I'm very shocked at how much of a push the WWE are giving the Hart Dynasty. They even went as far as giving this old ass fool Bret Hart the United States Championship belt and his ass can't even climb the ropes without falling lmao/smh. But oh well I'm happy they gave them the push. I'm gonna need for them to win this tonight. Chris Jericho & The Miz are both those dudes. But I don't want to see these dude as tag champs. They both teamed up with Big Show and had amazing teams but I'd rather not see these dudes team together. And Hart Dynasty haven't even had the belts that long. They need to keep it a little long while their still hot. And everybody is paying attention to them. And if they beat the Miz and Jericho this put them over as a legit tag team and make the title relevent again. After DX killed the meaning of the belts.

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R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase

SMH at this match being on a PPV card. They should have handled this joint on a Raw or some shit. Basically I guess R-Truth wants revenge from Ted for asking him to be his Virgil. That's racist. Ted DiBiase's new gimmick is very corny. I know I know. It's his father gimmick and his father is that dude. But this fool isn't his father. Ted Sr. had ungodly swag. I'm surprised a man like Ted Sr. with his ungodly sawg can give birth to a lame dude like Ted Jr. For him to set himself from his dad he needs to just come up with his own gimmick. Did you see Randy Orton come out in some cowboy boots calling himself Cowboy Randall Orton? No you didn't. Just get your know gimmick and get off your pops nut sack lmao. And that Million Dollar championship belt just looks cheap as shit. Clearly not the OG one, Stop it 5! Most likely Ted will be going over in this match. I think by the time the year is up he'll have major gold around his waist.

Prediction: Ted DiBiase

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Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Big Show

eh. They turned the big gold into a mid carder belt. I can careless about this match. They burying my dude Swagger while keeping the belt on his waist. The WWE can clean this up with 3 thinks. One, have Swagger go over on the Big Show cleanly since Show has made Swagger look stupid and weak 100% of this fued. Two, have Swagger keep the belt this whole summer. Three, keep the belt on Swagger but stop having him lose every other week on Smackdown. Makes him look like a tool and its killing the Heavyweight titles legacy.

Prediction: Jack Swagger- Retains WHC

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John Cena (WWE Champion) vs. Batista ("I Quit" Match)

Man FUCK CENA! Ain't no way he's gonna say I Quit. His corny ass gimmick won't let him. And I think this is Swagtista's last match anyway. This is sad because I use to hate the shit out of Batista and his gimmick change made his character decen SMH. But oh well Fuck John Cena......what a bitch/coon (-____-)

Prediction John Cena- Retains WWE Championship


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