Shoutout to both the homies Justin and Ron putting on to dudes music today. Will def be checking for his stuff in the future.

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1. Intro
2. Y Did She Leave
3. Last Plead
4. Last Letter
5.Im so Thru
6. Next Phase
7. Intervention
8. Counseling
9. Lil cut
10. Reality Strikes
11. Back From Single
12. Benefits of Friends
13. She says to me


24 year old Chicago native, Adalesson is back with his third mixtape entitled The Break Up. This tape, preceded by Room for Growth and Supporting the Idea: Listenin’ for Breaks is, to me, his best work yet. This tape, a play on the movie “The Break Up” (Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn) encompasses the ups and downs gone through in a relationship. Most of the intros and interludes are actually clips taken from the movie. It’s a very short tape, but each of the songs is composed well and the tape has a very cohesive flow.
His slogan is “The Laid Back Rapper” and he is just that. His voice goes so well with the beats he chose for the tape. He appreciates and samples all types of music. With this tape specifically, he showcases his musicality and lyrical ability. Adalesson’s music resembles a lot of the music that came out of the early 90’s(golden era rap). He’s something like a mix of Q-Tip, Blu and Mos Def.


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