Great new video from the homie Cashtro Crosby. Directed by Slick Jackson. If I wasn't anticipating my NY trip before. This video did it for me. The visuals in the video are amazing. Hats off to Slick Jackson on this one.

"NY Cool" by Cashtro Crosby from slick jackson on Vimeo.

"Last April I moved from the Parliament to New York City with only a fake ID (20 at the time)
Resumes, & 15 dollars on my metro card. In the 6-7 Months of living there Me & my bro Slick did Us (N***s Know)!!
(Hence the "Good form" every time the ladies see us)...I left in the fall to finish my album "Crosbyfication" , and I
did!!! Now Pittsburgh to the Parliament, Here's my ode to the Big city... Shouts to Slick,Marv,Ife,half amazin,jynx,betty,van (for having 40 oz
bounces),neka,purp,Joya, and all my NY family! TripleB. Nme. Enjoy the Short Film. Oh & Here's the Album, For Free on we...." - Cashtro Crosby


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