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If you aren't familiar with Green Street they're a hip hop group consisting of 2 rappers (A-live & Soupa) and producer Renaissance. They're originally from Boston and now residing in Brooklyn, NY. I've posted their music in the past plenty of times. Even this Crossroads EP in the past. But I finally got around to listening to it and I must say I'm very impressed about it. I never co-sign crappy music (check my track record lol). Even though this EP is only 9 tracks deep, I can honestly say this cranks from front to back. Tracks that stood out to me the first listen would be Moon Light, Up To You, & Trail Blazin'. Moonlight definitely needs a video or footage of the track being performed on stage. The tone of this project is very smooth and feel good. Every track flowed together and was consistantly on point. Definitely unlike anything you're seeing posted daily on these other music blogs. Green Street definitely made their own lane with this one. Only flaw I saw on this project real was track 2 (The Come Up). I wasn't really feeling the chorus on it. I felt that a the R&B chorus wasn't really a good look. The verses were on point but I wasn't feeling the hook. Also one of the featured artist on the tape "Ken Ross" did his thing on the tape. He was just on 2 tracks but he stood out of them. Also kudos to the producer Renaissance, very talented. Production was on point. But to end this review, hats off to Greenstreet. And I'm looking forward to hearing more music from them in the future. Oh yeah I forgot to mention "Then I Rose", I'm a huge Nas fan and that sample did it for me lol. With that said........

I give this a Mario- 4/5

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