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Wow like really I already know this PPV is going to be trash. This my first time ever seeing a PPV that didn't have no build up what so ever. Like how do you have a PPV with only 5 matches? Then on top of that have to title matches be only 1 on 1, when you had potential to make them Fatal 4 Way matches just like the title of the gotdamn PPV. WWE now FTL. Only thing that can make or break this PPV is the JR being rumored to show up and the NXT Guys angle. It's guaranteed the NXT dudes are going to cause some kind of trouble after the ending of this weeks RAW. This will be hands down my shortest PPV breakdown even shorter then the one when I was out of town. This PPV will be trash but I'm still gonna watch SMMFH.

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Divas Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Man fuck these hoes.

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U.S. Champion The Miz vs. R-Truth

Dumbest move the WWE has made in the minute. Taking the belt off of Truth after only a 3 week reign and putting it on a dude thats had the belt like 30 times in the last year. Good fuckin job Vince. If the WWE writers was smart they would know Truth is beyond over and put the gotdamn belt back on him and act like this shit never happened.

Prediction: R-Truth New United States Champion

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Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre

Yet another dumb rushed match by the WWE. Blackdown!

Prediction: Drew New IC Champion

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World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

eh Fuck this match I heard they dropping the title off Swagger after hands down the worst title reigns I've seen in my life. Even worst then both Great Khali's and Rey's title reigns. Made dude look like a straight bitch every damn match. If it does change hands and anybody but Punk gets the title from it changing hands then this will be a big fail.

Prediction: Swagger Retains

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WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Only thing I look forward to in the match is the possibility that my dude Evan Bourne will sub for Orton. He doesn't have to win just put dude in the title picture and that would be cool. I honestly don't see Cena dropping the title anytime soon.

Prediction: Cena Retains

Please God let me be wrong about this PPV being completely trash.


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