This might be my most half assed blog post ever. But the homie Hi Jynx dropped a new track and I had to support. I haven't been blogging and shit due to me breaking my computer. So if you're an artist and you've sending me stuff and I haven't been posting your stuff, its not because I'm not feeling it. Its just I'm in an awkward situation right now and music blogging is the last thing on my mind. I'll get back to yall shortly. But anyway shoutout to Jynx for dropping new material. I had to post it and support even if it meant a half assed post with artwork or direct download link like I normally do. I had to post this shit from my blackberry lol so excuse the typos. But enjoy though I'm leaving the link at the bottom. Just copy and paste it in your url or some shit. And I'll hopefully be back soon with some amazing blog post and news. Since I last blogged a lot of major stuff has came up and I can't wait to share it. So just keep your fingers cross and I'll be back soon. #Steady lol




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