Twitter's Of Artist Featured On #SS2

I've been getting a lot of tweets about what are certain artist twitters and what not so props can't be given. Well here's a list of all the artist that were involved twitter pages........

1. Time= @ImTime Cashmere D= @CashmereTheKid- Mighty 1ne= @Mighty1ne

2. Greenstreet= @alivegreenst @rengreenst G.o.D. Jewels= @GoDJewels

3. 88.206= @88206

4. B. Way= @BWays_Goatee

6. Topher A. White= @KingJaffeTopher

8. HIL Holla= @HILHolla

9. Wize= @MrWize

10. Chris Steez= @chrissteezey

11. Mikey Yuxx= @MikeyYuxx Howard Flozstello= @Flozstello

12. TIME= @IMTIME The Alias= @CrossIsom

13. Boney Starks= @BoneyStarks

14. WesDuce= @WesDuceDoesIt PLVN= @PLANBEATS

15. Team Scene= @Erick_TeamScene @TeamScene

16. Hollywood FLOSS= @HollywoodFLOSS Young Money Chris= @YoungMoneyChris

17. Louchiano= @Louchiano

18. Pharoah= @FastLanePharoah

19. Russ Spittemz= @RussSpittemz

20. Howard Flozstello= @Flozstello The Baron Boys= @COOPacShakur

21. Eric Sosa= @Eric Sosa

22. Cashmere D= @CashmereTheKid Time= @IMTIME

23. Hi-Jynx= JynxUrself J. Face= JFaceTheProducer

Alright if I left anybody out help me out. A couple dudes don't have a twitter or I just don't know it.


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