88.206 "Young Hearts: The Lifestyle" (Mixtape)

New project from the Society's own 88.206. You loved his track "Smash Bros." off Secret Society 2 you have to download this tape. The PLAN and Salaam Remi production stood out to me the most on this track list, 2 of my favorite producers. But yea, peep the tape and leave feedback. You will not be disappointed.

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01. Mission Statement (produced by 88.206)
02. Zone Out (produced by Salaam Remi)
03. Supa Fly Go ft. xman (produced by 9th Wonder)
04. What I Can’t Have
05. All The Way Down (produced by Sango)
06. What Ya Life Like? (produced by 88.206)
07. Sip Somethin’ (produced by 88.206)
08. Damn (produced by Sango)
09. Got It Like That ft. JDiGs (produced by 88.206)
10. Supervillain Intermission
11. I Will Not Lose (produced by 88.206)
12. Smash Bros (produced by 88.206)
13. STILL Interlude by OctopusJones
14. Good Morning (produced by PLAN)
15. The Escape (produced by Sango)

88.206 "Young Hearts: The Lifestyle" (Mixtape)


Anonymous said... / December 6, 2010 at 3:07 AM  

О! Necessità di mantenere test mio blog. Non funziona come l'ho voglio ancora. Thx per il tema. Forse questo avrà la mia a guardare meglio.

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