Qualmes "Flight 1211" (Mixtape)

New tape from the homie Qualmes. I must say he out did himself with this one. On his other project I have to skip like 2 or 3 tracks. I can honestly say that I can listen to this front to back without skipping anything. Major progression was made from the last tape. And the skits on it have me weak as fuck. Definitely peep this tape out, you will not be disappointed. At all motherfucker!

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01 Intro
02 Love Drunk (Prod.G.Cue)
03 Cupid's Rounds (Prod.G.Cue)
04 V-Day Massacre (Prod.G.Cue)
05 Hollywood Homicide (Prod.G.Cue)
06 Everyday (Prod.G.Cue)
07 Crank It Up Radio (Interlude)
08 WindUp (Prod.G.Cue)
09 Floatin(Prod.G.Cue)
10 XXXRated (Prod.G.Cue)
11 Situations Pt.2 (Prod.G.Cue)
12 After Midnight (Prod.G.Cue)
13 All Around The World (Prod.G.Cue)

Qualmes "Flight 1211" (Mixtape)

Standout Tracks: Cupid's Rounds, V-Day Massacre and Everyday


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