RANDOM REVIEW: Jesse Abraham- Bars & NoBull

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The name of this project is "Bars & NoBull". It's obviously a play off the book company "Barnes & Noble", but it pretty much describes the tape perfectly. I've heard Jesse's music plenty of times before I heard this tape and I really didn't know exactly what to expect on this one. When I turned it on the tape instantly grabbed my attention with the hilarious intro. Intro reminded me of the two old dudes on the muppets that use to heckle and judge every thing that the muppet characters did throughout the show. Gave me a little chuckle and brought back a lot of memories. That's always a plus for me. The next track is "Yoga". I've actually been bumping Yoga for a while (since he dropped it as a single) so I just went ahead and skipped it. With that said I would still say it is a standout track on the tape. Then we get into track 3. "Just Gettin' Goin" is a banger and I ran it back a couple times before actually getting to track 4 "Who's That?". Which is also a banger. The production on most of the tape is amazing. That plus Jesse unique flow made it hard to skip over much. You had to just bop your head and take a listen to what he was saying. But I will say there was a weak part in the tape that had me worried for a second. From track 5-7 was hard to listen to. I wasn't feeling those at all. The beats on those were weak and I felt like topics on those weren't appealing to me at all. I couldn't even listen to "Digit" all the way through, very unbearable to listen to. At this point I was going to count Jesse out but he proved me wrong with "Don't Taze Me". On this track he paid homage to the classic Don't Taze Me Bro youtube video. That's just full of win just naming after that. But the story on track is amazing. Definitely sounded like a very adventurous night and I wouldn't have minded experiencing it lol. From this track on the tape was solid as hell. Standout tracks on this would be "Yoga" "Don't Taze Me" and "Word of Mouth". All produced by Spills. That should tell you something. Gonna end it here. The tape is very solid and original. I can honestly say I've never heard a tape quite like that. And the subject matter is pretty original. Since when have you heard a track about girls doing Yoga? I'll answer that for you, never! Good job. Like I said early those 3 songs in my opinion almost killed the tape for me. Only real thing I saw wrong with it. And I'm looking forward to seeing more work from Jesse in the near future. With that said.........

I give this tape a "Mario"- That's 3/5

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