Howard Flozstello "HighKicks&SideChicks" (Mixtape)

Niggas been waiting on this for a minute. New tape from the homie Flozstello. Features guest appearances from fellow Secret Society fam Cashmere D and Mr. Jefferson. And incredible production from DEFIKON, Half Amazin' and The Baron Boys. If you love good music you'd download this shit in a heartbeat.

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01 M.H.C. Part 2 (prod. DEFIKON)
02 Global Shit (prod. The Baron Boys)
03 She Wants to Know (prod. The Baron Boys)
04 Sidechicks (feat. Mr. Jefferson)
05 La Vida Sativa (prod. The Baron Boys)
06 Stereo Porn (prod. DEFIKON x The Baron Boys)
07 Guilty (prod. DEFIKON)
08 Pump Faker (PSA)(prod. The Baron Boys)
09 So Goood (prod. The Baron Boys)
10 High Karate (prod. The Baron Boys)
11 White Clouds x Blue Dreams (feat Cashmere D) (prod. Half Amazin)
12 Love it_Hate it (prod. The Baron Boys)
13 No Handcuffs (prod. Baron Boys)

Howard Flozstello "HighKicks&SideChicks" (Mixtape)


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