Jesse Abraham "Spiderman Of Vitamins"

New music from the homie Jesse is always a good look. I still have his Bars & NoBull on rotation and it will continue to be that way until he drop his next project in March....

Song Description:
Spiderman on Vitamins, produced by Spills, is an exploration through artist Jesse Abraham's lifelong infatuation with hip-hop.. The song has a tongue-in-cheek braggadocios style, as suggested in the title, as Jesse makes claims on various entities, both musical and otherwise. The track knocks like a club hit (Quincy Jones Jr. described it as a "definite banger" at the 2010 SXSW Festival) but displays the lyrical dexterity of a respectable emcee. Spiderman on Vitamins, accompanied by its music video shot by Noisemaker Media, will act as the lead single off of JA's upcoming EP, "One Day", due for a March 1st release.


Jesse Abraham "Spiderman Of Vitamins"


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