TiRon x Half Amazin' "MSTRD.5" (Mixtape)

The homie Half Amazin' puts together his rendition of TiRon's 2010 project "MSTRD". Got a chance to peep this earlier and I must say he did his thing on it. And I can honestly say I like it more than the original. If you don't want to take my word for it I left a download and stream link towards the bottem.


1. Go Ronnie Go
2. 60901
3. Ms. Right
4. Boys & Girls
5. Cigarette
6. Down
7. The Richers (Feat. Blu & Asher Roth)
8. For Your Smile
9. Take A Bow

TiRon x Half Amazin' "MSTRD.5" (Mixtape) - Stream


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