Boney Starks "Strictly For The Jeeps (The Do Over)"

Better later than never....

The Kirkout Hour Series has been putting out mixes for the past two years. Last year its creator Boney Starks made a mix called "Strictly For The Jeeps", a collection of uptempo 90s R&B/Hip Hop records that was meant to bring nostalgia and made heads nod. After much practice towards his craft, Boney Starks felt the need to re-do "Strictly For The Jeeps" for a much smoother, yet much more enjoyable experience.

With songs that everyone can recognize, and a genre of our culture that seems to only get props during the 5 o'clock mix, Boney has once again taken the feeling of the mid to late 90's and bottled it up in a 100 minute podcast.

Enjoy, and make sure you play this at barbecues, washing the ride, or on your iPod, the man put his foot in this one...


Boney Starks "Strictly For The Jeeps (The Do Over)"


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