RANDOM REVIEW: Jesse Abraham- The One Day EP

JA One Day Ep final


It is finally here. I've been waiting on this EP for a while. Bars & NoBull is still on rotation until this day. I'm gonna be honest, I don't know what Jeese's direction or what "The One Day" even means. But the music indeed made up for it. I liked that he started the tape off with "Spiderman On Vitamins". I really like that song a lot and it made me hype to listen to the project. And "One Day feat. Eric Sosa" was a good look as a follow up track. I'm a Eric Sosa fan and the collab was a good look. Had no idea they even had music in the works lol. The song came out great and this might be one of my favorite songs I've heard from Jesse. I noticed this EP doesn't have any songs produced by Spills. The JA x Spills combo on Bars & NoBull and was hoping I'd see more on of that on this project. I didn't get my wish but I'm not let down at all. The production on this EP is way better than the Bars & NoBull tape. Shit songs also. On the previous project it got really weak in the middle. I can honestly say that on this EP I was interested from "Spiderman On Vitamins" to "Life Is A Free Throw". Production and overall song writing was stepped up big time on this project. Progession was made in that short amount of time. Standout tracks are "One Day", "I Wanna Hear Y'all" and "Play On". I actually had "Play On" on repeat. That !llmind beat was crazy as hell. But overall this was a very strong go around by Jesse. I'm impressed even off playing his last tape to the ground. I now have new music to play to the ground lol. Good shit Jesse. And good luck topping this on this next go around. Won't be an easy task lol. With that said.........

I give this mixtape a 4/5- Thats a "Mario"

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Jesse Abraham- The One Day EP


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