#WIMH Kendrick Lamar Interview

Also some footage of Kendrick Lamar performing at The Shrine in Chicago the other night...

The What’s In My Headphones team was on hand at Leaders 1354 in downtown Chicago to speak with Kendrick Lamar before his show later that night at The Shrine Chicago. Kendrick has slowly but surely built himself as a certified rapper and his style has not allowed him to be boxed in with other rappers – I think this is why so many people can relate and appreciate his music. In our interview with him, we spoke to him about the song that people can get to know more about from, how his creative process has evolved since the first mixtape that he dropped at 16, his next project, #Section80, his major influences, how music saved his life and his prediction for the NBA playoffs…

WIMH Tv: Interview with Kendrick Lamar from What's In My Headphones... on Vimeo.

WIMH: Kendrick Lamar performs at The Shrine Chicago from What's In My Headphones... on Vimeo.


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