Dear, Vikings

I've been a dedicated fan of your since like 1999. I still remember when Randy Moss, Culpepper, and Cris Carter was killing it back in the day :hat. Even more of your team than my own home team the Jacksonville Jaguars. Most may say I'm a traitor but I like who I like. What I'm basically saying is I want you guys to when tomorrow or someone be getting bodied. That's a promise. Favre should be able to deliver. And now that Percy Harvin is done acting like a B.A.N.(Bitch Ass Nigga) he can deliver also. Hopefully somebody drop kicked that fool. Who attempts to sit out the NFC Conference game tombout a migraine. *Maceo voice* Ho sitdown! But it should be all good. I hope talk any shit though. That never works out for me NEVER. So good luck to both teams and hope this ends well for the Vikes.

Sincerely, Anthony


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