I HAD A DREAM: The Patten Shoulder Clap Story

Dumbest dream ever though. Basically it was like an NT summit. I honestly can't remember who all was there at the summit. I just remember this nigga Patten was there. The setting was a Chinese spot I always go in Duval. For some reason the rapper Alley Boy was there mean mugging everybody in the damn room (I have no idea why Alley Boy was there, I think because I was listening to his mixtape in my headphones before I went to sleep). Well anyway everybody is in the spot laughing and what not, providing lulz what NT niggas do. Well anyway this fool Alley Boy told everybody to shut the fuck up. So everybody got quite as hell. Have you seen Alley Boy though? That nigga looks scary as shit lmaoooo! Well while everyone was on hush mouth I guess this fool Patten got brave and called Alley Boy a pussy nigga. This fool Alley Boy turned his head with the quickness and said "Who da fuck said dat cuh!" Everybody turned to Patten and pointed at him. So Alley Boy got up and said "Stand up den fuck bwoy!". So him and Patten started got face to face like they was about to throw hands. But you could see the scared look in Patten's eyes you can tell he knew he was about to get his shoulders clapped and his chest folded like a breifcase. All of a sudden the chinese dude that runs the place screamed "Get out my STORE! Get out my STORE!" This nigga Patten ran out with the quickest. He hit a 4 flat on some Usain Bolt shit. But everybody stayed for some reason, it seems like no one was scared anymore. Alley Boy sat back down and was finishing his chinese food. The room got calm again. Then outta nowhere Alley Boy yelled "Yall fuck nigga think I'm playin doh? Wen I phinish my pork fried rice I'm poppin my trunk wit my choppa and killin all yall fuck niggas. Yall shudda ran wit ya homeboy." Then he stood up and pointed at everyone even the chinese dude and said "ALL YALL FLAW BITCH MADE NIGGAZ BOUT TA GET TOE TAGGED". And Alley Boy proceeded to pull out a choppa and emptied the clip on NT. The dream ended there. I'm pretty sure everybody died except Patten. The nigga Alley Boy was on some Rambo shit and wasn't playing that day. The moral of the story is, if Alley Boy tells you to shut the fuck in Little Dragons Chinese Restaurant off the corner of 45th and Main St you shut the fuck up and eat your gotdamn food or else.

Kiss my ass if there was typos in that. I ain't proof reading shit cuh.

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