The Chronicals Of Dalisto!

As told by Pas

If you're from #NT you know who Dalisto. If not here's a quick breakdown. He's basically a 46 year old bamma from DC that gets a kick out being decked down in all Jordan Brand everything. His infamous look down pose he does while taking pics in little ass foyer will forever be a part on #NT history. He also rocks little ass dreads. And has an uncanny resemblance to his DC counter part Wale Folarin. But without anymore interruptions. I present to you "The Chronicals of Dalisto" As told by Pas.

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Chapter 1: Saga of Dalitso

Around the age of 5 in 1968 young "Lits" as his father would call him became interested in clothing. Always purchasing the latest threads. Fast forward to 1990..young "Lits" had become "Dalitso". A young bamma infatuated with a famous basketball player named Michael Jordan. Everything was Jordan this..Jordan that..and being 115 lbs..the clothes..again..didn't quite look right on him always baggy. One day he decided to purchase a Polaroid and 1000 free hours of AOL dial up Internet.. He ran into a problem..there is no USB cord for Polaroids.. he said to himself "aw shucks dalitso!" Once addition to his clothes not properly fitting..Dalitso faced a technological problem..

Chapter 2: The Pose

Now for some time being into Jordans and owning nearly every piece of Jordan apparel in a size XL and nothing smaller, Dalitso stumbled across a few sites as he was using his 1000 free hours of he reached the 876th free hour; He knew it was 876..because he would always call an AOL rep and make sure to keep count. However as he reached the 876th Free hour he stumbled upon a site called ISS. Within seconds he quickly ex'd his screen after seeing way too many 15 yr old Filipino kids post pics of GR dunks.because Dalitso hated that Finally he stumbled upon #NT and while there he noticed a thread where thousands of homos freely posted their daily attire...each with a signature pose...and the use of a expensive camera..which meant bye bye to the usb(less) Polaroid. He said to himself "jeez Dalitso..i need a pose like the other fags" but what..we would he choose..he looked through hundreds of Jordan photos..finally stumbling upon one photo which had a glow to it it was a photo of Michael Jordan wearing a size 54 pair of Route 66 raw denim with a Custom blazer made from the purest of Buffalo fur. Dalitso said to himself " This is perfect..but I must find a way to hide my Paul Pierce like facial hair" Aside from his lack of knowledge with cameras..dalitso suffered from LineupPhobia..which is a fear of Andis t-liners.. Which in turn made him appear to be a grown ass catfish in JB Apparel..but he knew he had to find a way to hide this from the general public he would wear JB caps and put his head down while maintaining a somewhat androgynous pose.."GENIUS!" he said to himself.. but little did he know the problems that would arise from there..

Chapter 3: Coming soon.....


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