The Day I Almost Got Robbed (This That Aqua Flow...)

Once again @Chrisin2D has inspired me to tell another story lol.

This one might not be ask long as the other. I really need to write a book lmao. Well any way this was back in 2007 I'm not sure when the Aqua 8s dropped. But whenever it was it was then. Aqua 8s was hands down the coldest sneaker to drop that year in my opinion so I had to have them. My friend at the time name was...... I'm not even gonna name sons name lol. We just gonna call him "Android 1" just to make the story fun. I don't fuck with that nigga no more lol. Son came out the closet or some shit after we stopped being friends AYO smh. How you like men with all these bad black and spanish wimmenz out here? Alright let me not go on a tangent lol. Well Android 1 hit me up about this midnight release at Athlete's Foot. I had a connect at another store by me but the bitch tombout she had to go out of town that week. I should have checked her ass in the chin. But I was desperate for the 8s no Oh Snaps. So I told that future buttboy yes. I had never went to Athlete's Foot on Merrill Road but I was taking a chance. I was like the niggas on the Southside aint bout that life I'll be fine. So we go up there like 10:30 and not a soul is there. 11 pm rolls around and we are tired of sitting in this line. All of a sudden a box chevy with tint sitting on 26s pull up front of the store. We thought nothing of it. This nigga with dreads decked down in the finest Coogi walked up to us and said "Yo lil woudhi yall buyin nem 8s cuh." We just said yes. Then the nigga asked us was we paying cash for them. I was like O_o nigga why does that matter. My heart started beating fast as hell cuz we was the only ones out there. Then he asked me what size we wore. I almost shit myself. And I have a smart ass mouth so I replied "My size bruh". I'm an idiot. Dude proceed to walk to his car.

We knew we were about to get toe tagged for sure. All of a sudden a shit load of people walked up. If it wasn't for them we would have definitely got robbed. Its now 11:30 and we in line still. It was a dude in line kissing on this chick. I mean he was tonguing her down. I thought they was gonna smash in line the way they were going at it. Then I hear her say she buying the shoes for her husband. Then dude says "Yeah Mike will love them." I was like oh hell naw! Yall motherfuckas so triflin. You in the Jordan line tonguing your homies wife down. Cmon son. She bought that nigga sneakers when we got inside too. Alright now its midnight. We go inside and we think the close is clear we aint get robbed with all those people out there. I thought that made sense at the time. But niggas in Duval will rob you in broad day light in front of a police pep rally. We copp the sneaks Aquas looking :hat. So we about to got the door then we notice its like 60 niggas at the door. We both got the O_O face. And in the crowd we noticed dude with the dreads had a pistol mean mugging me. That was the scaredest (yes I made up a word) I've ever been. Even more scared then my shoulders clap story. I was like man I aint leaving. So I sat on the bench where you try on your sneaks. The cashier was ghetto and ruthless. She told us we had to leave we can't stay in here. I was like "Do you not see the nigga with gun?". She was like "boy you seeing thinks leave". SMH then she had the audacity to say I hope yall don't get robbed. What a bitch. So dude working with her proceeds to open the door. Once that door was open me and Android 1 ran like a motherfucka. Dude knocked a couple folks down. We aint give a shit cuh. I heard someone call my name I still was running lmao. Man I aint give a goddamn. My life was at stake. I think dudes got lost on the crowd that's why they aint get to us. I heard someone got robbed out there too. Probably was niggas at the end of the line. Thank you Based God it wasn't me lmao. Moral of the stroy is...... Shit there is none really. Just stay away from niggas that still rock Coogi though. And like all my other stories. I aint proof reading shit.


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