Drunk Tweets And Text

First of all getcho dumbass outta here with that shit. Why do people think this shit is cute? Its not at all. Its showing everyone on twitter that you're an assclown that can't hold their liquor. Or just an asshole in general. No bitch don't text me at 3 am tombout to GONE! Guess what bitch I don't give a fuck. This goes for everyone. Get off my mothafucking phone with that stupidity. And then you got the nerve to hop on twitter with that fuck shit? Die bitch and eat worms. You all tombout "Idm at di5 pawty and Iz drwnk". Motherfucker why are you lying? Why when I ask you what you were drinking you say fucking Nuvo? Nuvo got your dumbass gone like that where you waking me the fuck up? Or got my eyes hurting tryna read your goddamn tweets? Save me the trouble goddamit. What kind of phone do your got anyway where its not auto correcting your shit? Your ass must have a fucking snake phone. Oh wait you have a blackberry like me. Well do you not see those fucking black lines under your incorrect ass word. *looks under your tweet* Oh you tweeting from the web? I thought you were at a party? Shutcho ass up failure. You not drunk you're just stupid. And you know I'm on that straight edge shit. I don't know smoke or drink. I don't fuck with you morally. LOL you can tell I'm getting at a certain person so I'll stop. Let's get on you pricks doing this in general. You're not cool at all Fonzi. Most of you fucks don't even leave the house tombout "I'm at this party wasted!!!!". Do you not boy. You in your grandma's living room while she watching Matlock hopping she goes to sleep so you can watch Girls Gone Willd informericals. You're not about that social life. And don't get me start on these nigga with these high text. Why one day this nigga called me 4 am acting foolish tombout "Amp bruh I'm gone off this kush". So I like, first of all I don't give a fuck. Second I know your bitchass aint hit no weed. This nigga got the nerve to say "Naw bruh I aint hit the weed, this is just a contact high". So you mean to tell me you called me 4 am tombout you gone off a contact high. Not even a regular high a motherfucking contact high. Boy why didn't I murder this fuck nigga? I just hung up in his face. I've been high before sir save me with your contact high experience. You must have come punk ass lungs to be catching contacts anyways. You must have gills you bass ass nigga. I'm gonna end my rant here. Just stop that dumb shit. You sit your house every weekend and leave once and act like a horses ass. That's why nobody is inviting yo ass anywhere. And to anyone that hits my line and I don't reply you know why. Talk to some that gives a shit. And to those that hit me on BBM with that drunk shit, your petty ass is getting the infamous "R" with no reply. I give those out almost everyday. Some of yall are already familiar. Now have a bless day and stay off twitter and out folks inboxing with that stupid shit. Also don't think I'm tombout all forms off drunk tweets. This is more towards those drunk tweets and text when fools are trying to damn hard to miss spell words knowing damn well they asses aint even buzzed yet. Stop it motherfucka. Ok bye! And also excuse my spelling and punctuation errors. I don't believe in proof reading lol.


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