RANDOM REVIEW: The Boy Illinois- Inhale Pt. 3: After School Program

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Chicago mcee The Boy Illinois recently dropped his new project "Inhale Pt. 3: After School Program". If you can read you can tell this obviously the 3rd mixtape of the "Inhale" mixtape series. And I must say this, it is in fact a great series to follow. All 3 tapes are really good. There isn't a dull moment on any of the 3 tapes. Though I may be the minority on this one, I think "Inhale Pt. 2" is better than "Inhale Pt. 3", that doesn't take away shit from it at all. Inhale Pt. 2 just had some personal classics. I don't know what his intended theme was from this, but what I got from it was the day to day life a College student. I could be wrong, but shit thats what I got from it lol *shrug*. The production of this was amazing though. It shits on a lot fools albums. The Baron Boys killed it on this project, but what the fuck is new. Have you honestly heard a bad Baron Boys beats? Send it to my email (thekidampgreen@gmail.com) so I can call you a goddamn liar. Weak tracks on this album would be "Top Of The World" and "Chi Lights", no particular reason really. Just couldn't vibe to them joints at all, through off the flow completely. Standout tracks "Right Around Winter [R.A.W.]" "Breakfast of Champions" and "Nu.P". Yo "Nu.P" is an amazing track. I swear I played that shit back like 10 times. It was just too epic. That's probably why I ain't like "Chi Lights". You really can't follow up to a track like that. Hands down one of his best tracks behind "Respect". Gonna end it here. Download this tape if you love great music. The shit is free! Like it don't cost you anything to peep it. Just your time. And if you're in Atlanta on the 15th of November, The Boy Illinois will be having a listening session for "Inhale Pt. 3" at "King Of Atlanta Grooming Lounge" at 7 PM. So bring yo goddamn ass in there and support. I def might be out there :hat. Also if you ain't heard #NT Secret Society will have showcase at next years SXSW 2011. And The Boy Illinois will be hitting the stage for sure, along with some other #NT act and some major names that will be named at a later date. With that said.

I give this mixtape a 4/5- Thats a "Mario"

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