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Man this PPV will be ass. I don't expect anything good from it at all cuh. It serves no purpose at all for build up for Royal Rumbles. This shit needs to be eliminated from next years calendar. And with that said.......

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John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Chairs Match)

Let hope this story line is over after this match. I'm tired of seeing it honestly. Last month I believe Cena was fired after at the results of the Orton vs. Barrett title match. Some how dude still was able to get 30 minutes of air time each Raw while being "fired". Very useless storyline. It did nothing but make folks hate Cena even more. And I didn't think it was possible that Cena could bury the Nexus even more then they have but he did. Hopefully this match ends cleanly so we don't worry about any possible interference but that mostly likely won't happen smh. Nexus might get involved in this. The match is already dumb as hell. What the fuck is a damn chairs match? Dumb shit I swear. Well anyway I hate this fool Cena so I'm going against no matter if the odds are in his favor.

Prediction: Wade Barrett

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Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs. Team Lay-Cool (Divas Tag Team Tables Match)

Don't give a damn about this match. I just want to see Layla's fine ass. And I'm mad that bitch is dating Cody Rhodes now (-_____-). But fuck this match folk. The WWE is only doing this match to rival with TNA doing that females Cage match a couple weeks ago. The problem with that is only 2 of these hoes can actually wrestle and they're on the same team. *YAWN* So this match will be a disaster. And expect a fluke finish or Layla going through the table since she's the jobber of the groupe and Undertaker is smashing Michelle McCool. They not putting those big hoes through a table lol.

Prediction: Natalya & Beth Phoenix

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Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Ladder Match)

This match proves that Smackdown needs more talent. The same dudes are fighting for the IC title everyday B. And Dolph Ziggler is an embarrasment to the IC title. Dude is trash as hell in the ring. And I don't care for Kofi at all and I'm black. Maybe they give Jack the title since they've be burying him ever since he dropped the heavyweight title. So this fool needs this shit for real. This match could have been dope in the non PG era. Nevermind I'm lying. This match would be bad no more. Ziggler can't wrestle, Kofi is always making mistakes/can't get shit right and Swagger is pretty good but he's more a techical mats type dude. He has no business climbing latters and shit. My real prediction is one of these fools being injured. Thats fucked up but still lol.

Prediction: Jack Swagger- New Intercontinental Champion

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John Morrison vs. Sheamus (Ladder Match)

Only match I'm looking forward to. This match is a #1 contender match for the WWE title also. Also this will end the fued that Morrison and Sheamus are having. Which is now tied 1-1. This match is also possibly where HHH (ALL HHH EVERYTHING) makes his comeback. I'm gonna go ahead and say that Morrison will win this match. 1. Sheamus is fighting against HHH next month at Royal Rumbles. Thats pretty obvious. What PPV could HHH possibly get his payback againt Sheamus before Wrestlemania? They would'nt let them fight back to back Wrestlemanias. And they need both dudes for the Elimination Chamber match. 2. I doubt the WWE will have heel Sheamus fight heel Miz for the title at a major PPV. The want a fued they won't need to do any work on. And thats Morrison vs. Miz for the WWE. That match writes it damn self. So with that said.....

Prediction: John Morriosn- #1 Contender

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WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton (Tables Match)

Yo this match will be horrible. I mean really bad. Orton use to be my favorite but I'm starting to not to mess with dude many more. This will have some retarded finish. And if Sheamus some how win his match versus Morrison. Then we will have a Triple Threat match for the title next month. WWE knows how to fuck shit up lol. I don't have my hopes up at all.

Prediction: The Miz- Retains

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World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

This had got be the worst fueds this year. Shit was hard to watch. You can tell Kane and Edge didn't even want to do it anymore lol. One of the reasons the WWE smartened up and added Mysterio and Del Rio to the match. Kane is obviously dropping the title because dude is just horrible as the champ. But to who will he drop it though? God knows I hate Edge and Mysterio? Maybe Del Rio? Could be, Del Rio has what it takes. But I'm not sure he needs the title this damn quick and at this time. If they put the title on son now, he'll lose it just as quick as he got it. WWE ain't letting him headline a PPV with the title this quick. So it would be a win and a lost at the sametime. He needs the belt at a later date so he can have a long meaningful title reign. And not look like Swagger. I said all this shit I'm still going for him to win though lol.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio- New World Heavyweight Champion

God bless you if you actually paid for this PPV.....................


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