Uno Hype "Ready For Takeoff" (Mixtape)

After several leaks its finally here. I've been waiting on this tape for a minute and I'm hoping I won't be disappointed, "Breathe Through The Years" has been in rotation for a minute......


1.BaSeLord ( Prod. Treehouse Studios)
2.93 til ( Prod. A-Plus)
3.Feel It All Around Me ( Prod. Washed Out)
4.Breathe Through The Years (Prod. J.Cardim)
5.Eclipse ( Prod. DJ Black Diamond)
6.Vertigo (Prod. Qaptain Kwess)
7.Opposite of death (L.I.F.E.)
8.The Carlton Banks Syndrome (Prod. Qaptain Kwess)
9.Remembrance (Prod. DJ Tech-Neek)
10.The Threat (Prod. Mr. DJ)
11.Living Like a Laker (Prod. Chester French)
12.A Beautiful Mind
13.Top Billin' (Prod. DJ Black Diamond)
14.The Hype (Prod. Qaptain Kwess)
15.Take You Home (Prod. DJ Black Diamond)

Uno Hype "Ready For Takeoff" (Mixtape)


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