R.A.O.F. PRESENTS "WE THE ILLEST": Wordspit Interview

I did this interview on Wordspit like a good 4 months ago probably even long. But its still good material on homie. If you're not familiar with Wordspit he's a new up and coming rapper from New York. If you have a TV you probably seen homie on a McDonalds commercial here and there. He's definitely doing his thing early and will be relevant in the music from years to come........

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For Dummies:
Me= Orange
Wordspit= White

What are some of your biggest music influences growing up?

I have a long list of influences, but to site a few, I would say Canibus, Rakim, Nas, Master P, Nirvana , and System Of A Down. Once again I'm influenced by so many things that the list could go on forever.

That's whats up. I see alot of people are comparing your style to Big L and say you sound a lot like him. How exactly do you feel about that comparison?

Its an honor to get compared to a legend! Big L was a monster and even tho we share similar voices, I feel there are a lot of differences. I think people hear my delivery and aggressive flow and compare us, which is great, If that will help people ease into my music. In time I think people will differentiate us as artist and see WordSpit as An Individual.

What made me you pick up the mic?

Man since I was young I always wanted to rap. Soon as I was old enough to merge my thoughts on a piece of paper it was over. No deeper meaning just the pure love for the culture and the creativity that thrives from it.

How did you come with the name Wordspit?

When I first started rapping my name was Streetz. I was doing a lot of things I'm not too proud of, you could hear the mentally I had in my rhyme structure. A year or two after that I took on the name Word From the Streetz. I felt I was becoming more poetic with my rhymes. Not only was I narrating my life, but I was narrating the lives of the people around me.

A short period after that my brother came to me and Said "Word you Spit" giving me the name WordSpit. Now I'm here getting interviewed by you lol.

Good shit. That was definitely a great story on your name. Do you feel your name stands a lot from all the Lils, Youngs, and Wakas lol?

And will listens clinge on to it?

Even tho your name plays an important roll in who you are as an artist, I feel the music is what people are really here for. It's so many artist out there, some with great names and some with crazy tags, but does that take away from the music if its good? No. I want people to cling to the music I make more then the name I choose. We The ILLest!

LOL You'll be surprise I've seen dudes get over looked because of their names SMH. But while we're on it. Explain your "We The ILLest!" catch phrase?

We The ILLeSt! Is the phrase I live by. it means do everything with in your reach to the ILLeSt extent possible. I feel like we can be good by ourselves but together we can be great.

Cool words to live by. How do you feel about the up North hip hop scene right? Alot of people saying it fell off. But I want to know how a rapper feels about it first hand.

Dam, We Feel off? How? I think every region gets to shine at one point or another. As far as the up north music scene I feel like we have some great acts coming out soon. I've bumped heads with some great artist so its hard for me to understand Why people are saying we feel off. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Naw not me personal. I've been seeing it said alot in recently. I'm personally not a fan of blocking music based on Regions. Good music is good music. Any new rapper you've came across, that music you think is cool?

To many to mention. We could be here all day.

LOL I see. How do you feel about what XXL is doing for the new artist with their yearly Top 10 Freshman mag? And do you think soon you'll eventually grace a cover?

I think it is fresh, that XXL Is giving up an coming Mc's who are on their grind an opportunity to grace the cover of their magazine. I loved the viral campaign this year. The cinematography was on point . One day with a lot more work and elbow grease hope to be apart of grand experience.

Speaking of cinematography. No gas but all of your videos have been very good. Poet's Haiku is my favorite of yours. How was it doing that video?

Thanks man. I felt great shooting this video. Besides being an intense composition, its a real down to earth song, many people can relate to. We wanted to come up with a video that displayed Wordspit in a different light. We wanted to display the emotion behind the verses. Most people are use to seeing the light hearted Wordspit music videos, so we wanted to deliver the side of me people are unfamiliar with. We also wanted to make the viewer feel like they were watching a movie so we added minor effects, that really brouught everything together well We The ILLest!

Dope. Are you shooting anymore videos to the Coolest Bboi Stance? Also how was the feedback on that project?

I don't know if I'm doing anymore videos or The Coolest Bboi Stance, but the feed baack from the project has been awesome. A lot of people really like the songs I have composed. I'm just waiting to see where the future takes me.

Got any future projects lined up?

Hahahaaah(evil lol) all I'm going to say is maybe

Just wait and see.

Damn not even a preview lol? Oh well I'll wait. But to wrap this thing up. This is your chance yo let it all out (Pause). Any rappers or singers you're feeling currently. Who you want to collab with. And R&B/models you want to get with when you get on. Any shoutouts. Wordspit let the World know!

Yup I would like to shout out all my supporters. Shout out to Team ILLest. I like to shout you out son for all your support. Shoutout to my manager. Check me on..

Remember We The ILLest

Aight pretty decent interview if I may say so myself. I'll leave a couple Wordspit videos here so you can catch up if you were sleeping. And download the Coolest Bboi Stance mixtape HERE


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