If you follow my blog you know last year I did a mid term review for the XXL 2009 Freshmen Class. Well I'm gonna do a short mid term evaluation for this years class too. Also if you remember earlier this year I did my predictions for this class. Basically with his I'm just going off what the XXL Freshmen have done so far since they've been choosen.

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Donnis: B
J. Cole: B
Wiz Khalifa: A
Pill: C+
Jay Rock: D-
OJ Da Juiceman: F
Freddie Gibbs: C+
Big Sean: B+
Fashawn: B
Nipsey Hu$le: B-

Donnis- Not really sold on dude yet as artist but he's got some stuff done. So far after being honored as a XXL freshman he has dropped 2 decent mixtapes and has been signed to Atlantic Records. But the think about dude is a lot of folks don't like him and his music. This dude might be the first ever new artist to ever be posted on Niketalk and not one NT and I mean not even one liked dude music. I won't take that from him at all since NT is not even 1/4 of the hip hop world. I'll just say this no matter how many fools may not like him or think he's gay (that's a whole 'nother decussion) dudes work ethic is on point and he has got some shit done so far. And I want to see were this takes him. Hey eventually I might mess with his music done the road. Shit I use to hate Ross' music now he's one of my faves. Not comparing Donnis with Rozay but I'm just saying anything is possible on some KG shit. Also his Fashionably Late EP is dropping soon I'm def gonna listen to that and determine mu opinion from there.

Grade: B

J. Cole- eh A lot of folks ain't feeling his single and what not. I think its pretty good and was a right choice. As for progress since the mag... well shit he had a major deal before then and was featured on Jay's album and had like one of the best verses on that whole damn album. He's in a real good position to do a lot of damage. Will he sell a lot records? I don't think so but who really cares. But lets hope he keeps it up and drops the album soon and not get the put on Jiggaboo Knowles shelf.

Grade: B

Wiz Khalifa- This dude Cameron is doing it right now. He's got the internet going nuts and he has a lot of sheeps. Am I really reaching when I say his come up with the fans is looking similar to when Drake was coming up around when So Far Gone dropped? I could be but dude has everyones attention and he's milking the hell out of it. There has been rumors for like a month or so Atlantic Records signed him on the low for a couple mill. I don't know if its true but it has to be. Ain't no way in hell someone with a buzz like his should be unsigned. Kush and OJ wasn't that good to me at first but it definitely grew on me with several more listens. And it is in my list of best projects to drop this year. Also Wiz gave my blog a shoutout so thats even more kudos from me. Don't know what he has planned from here but lets hope its an album on a major label. No more mixtapes for a while lol.

Grade: A

Pill- Hmmm Pill is def showing some progress. I had heard both Pill's tapes before the mag but to a lot of folks he was surprise and no one knew who the hell he was and he some what showed and proved from there. He just dropped a mixtape like last month and it was pretty solid. The thing about that tape is the bulk of the tape was over other dudes beats just like most his tapes are. He just needs to do a tape over his own beats and he'll be better off in my opinon. In the prediction I did in February I went into detail on how Pill could be crazy with the right back up. I saw on twitter the other Rick Ross was shouting out Pill and telling him he's only one hit away. So let's hope that leads to something great in the near future.

Grade: C+

Jay Rock- I don't even like dudes music. And I can't even say he has made any noticable progress. Last I heard from this dude is he was beefing with Kat Stacks on twitter. Stop it 5 and get some damn music out. This dude has a major label deal and his album has been on the shelf for forever and this dude is twitter beefing with a slut. Thats that bullshit. Oh wait I'm lying I heard him on a verse on the Ab-Soul mixtape. But thats just one verse in 7 months though.

Grade: D

OJ Da Juiceman- Man this nigga is done for real. His music ain't even entertaining anymore. Only thing he's done so far is drop one of the worst freestyles in rap history and buther the word Adrenaline. And I won't waste my time.

Grade: F

Freddie Gibbs- I don't think Gibbs has really dropped any music since the magazine except a loose track here and there. Which is fine since he's dropping an album and a mixtape next month. Even though Gibbs is doing the whole I'm bringing Gangsta rap thing he's still getting tv plays. And thats all that really matters. I put him in the same category with Pill when it comes to needing the right backing blow up.

Grade: C+

Big Sean- Don't like his music at all. Dude is pretty boring if you ask me. But this Kanye co-sign he has will help dude out in the long run. If you may not have heard he's dropping his album on the same day as Kanye and Cudi. A lot folks are complainig about this and what not but I see nothing wrong with it all. Dude was gonna brick on any giving release dropping on the same day as Kanye and Cudi might help him out a little. It will at least get his name out there. And it will get him a couple sympathy copps here and there from the Kanye stans. Even though his music puts me to sleep and I often call him Big Yawn dude definitely is in a good position. He just doesn't need to take the bum rounte which what it seems like he was doing at one point and keep the music coming.

Grade: B+

Fashawn- Dropped an amazing mixtape this year. He got a lot of hate from it due to him using all Nas beats. But as a Nas fan I think he did a real good job at it. Of course its not gonna be good as Illmatic. Don't really know what moves Fash is making but I'm hoping its the right ones. And I don't know if he has the mainstream image and I also don't care I'm not an A&R. Just keep the music coming and stay relevant. Bring back the West coast too (which on the low has the most potential out of all regions with new artist and talents). But thats just my little ole opinion.

Grade: B-

Nipsey Hu$$le- He's been ghost other than a couple guest features here and there. He has an album dropping this year so I'm gonna say its from that......

Grade: B-

Also just like last year I'm gonna do a little prediction on who might be on there next year. I'm not even gonna waste my time naming XV lmao. I'm a little lost on next years list but I'll give an educated guess.

  1. Alley Boy
  2. Dom Kennedy
  3. Big K.R.I.T.
  4. Yelawolf
  5. Kendrick Lamar
  6. Waka Flocka Flame
  7. Vado

Thats all I can really think of....


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